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Save up to 50% on oil costs while making your fried goods consistently delicious with VITO Oil Filtration. 

World Leading Innovations in Oil Filtration now featuring Wi-Fi CONNECT!

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Save up to 50%

Increase your profits when you increase the life of your frying oil.

Optimize Quality

Perfectly fried products come from consistently clean oil.

Reduce Your Workload

Cut your oil changeovers by up to 50% and clean your fryers far less often.
About VITO

Award-winning Oil Filteration System

Reduce your oil consumption and costs by up to 50% with the
innovative oil filtration system. Thanks to its micro-filtering
the system, the Vito extends the lifespan of your cooking oil by slowing the rate at which it degrades.

The Exclusive Feature Set VITO Changed the game with

Filter right inside your hot fryer! Handling hot oil outside the fryers is a risk you shouldn't have to take

Compact Design: Perfectly Storable Anywhere, even in Food Trucks

Skip the Additives, Not the Savings! VITO Reduces Your Oil Spend by up to 50% -no chemicals needed

Dishwasher Safe: Easy to Filter should also be easy to clean

stay on track with usage reports delivered right to your inbox -no charge of course

Time is Money: High Pressure Microfiltration down to a 5 micron level, done in just 5 minutes

Works in all fryers. Even specialty fryers like ventless, pressure or donut, we've got you covered

Embrace the Heat! Filter Your Fryers at Full Temperature and Resume Cooking Instantly – No Need to Wait for Cool Oil

VITO 80 Fryer Oil Filter System

Better Handling for Staff Safety

Suitable for fryers up to 80L/min.

Dimensions: W 7.5" X H 19.3" X L 7.5"

Weight : 17 LBS

For oil fryers Up to 70 lb

Reduce your oil consumption by 30% to 50%

Great Filtration Power(Up to 80L/min)

Handles the temperature up to 392°F / 200°C

Small, Medium or Large. Click to see which one is right for you



Are you Testing your Oil or is your Oil Testing You?


VITO Oil Testers are the key to accurately measuring the “Total Polar Material” (TPM) content in your oil – the industry standard for oil quality assessment. VITO testers display this critical information as a clear percentage, providing a straightforward insight into the health of your frying medium.

To make it simpler, VITO incorporates a user-friendly traffic light system, represented by Green, Amber, or Red lights. This system takes the guesswork out of deciding when to change your fryer’s oil. You’ll never again discard good oil too early or risk using expired oil. Whether you manage one kitchen or multiple locations, VITO Oil Testers help you establish a consistent standard for oil health, ensuring the highest food quality every time. Experience the future of oil management and elevate your culinary operations.

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