Compare VITO to Other Methods of Filtering

Filtering Technologies

Passive vs Active

VITO's patented high pressure multi-pass active filtration produces superior results.

Conventional Passive Filtration
VITO Unique Active Filtration
Choose daily or weekly reports by email Choose an alert email if VITO is not used Pinpoint day and time of completed filtrations Track oil savings and CO2 Reductions Wi-Fi Connect reports included at no extra charge (access to Internet via 2.4ghz local Wi-Fi required

Filtration Methods Comparisons

FeaturesVito PortablePaper ConeMetal ConeLowboy CartBuilt-In System
Initial Cost$$$$$$$$$$$$
Oil Life Extension (no Additives)40-50%0-10%0-10%10-20%10-20%
Oil Life Extension (with Additives)N/AN/AN/A40-50%40-50%
Labour input-per fryer1-2 Min12-15 Min12-15 Min12-15 Min10-12 Min
Filtrations Per Filter (Range)3-8111-21-2
Hot Oil Spill RiskNoneHighHighHighLow
Shelf or Wall Mount StorageYesYesYes
Consumables Cost$$$$$$$
Ease of PortabilityHighHighHighLow
Dishwasher SafeYesYes
Filter Inside FryerYesYes
Hands Free FilteringYes
Data Logging for MaintenanceYes
Usage Reporting EmailsYes
OTA Software UpdatesYes
Missed Filteration AlertsYes
Programmable Run TimeYes
Automatic Shut offYes
Multi Pass MicrofiltrationYes
Works With All FryersYes
Made in GermanyYes

Exclusively from VITO

Technology and Innovations

X-model Vacuum filtration technology

Vito pioneered vacuum filtration. X models allow users to literally vacuum up the oil and sediment from the fryer vat. Something never before accomplished. The stored oil can be kept on board overnight or wheeled to a tank for disposal.

In-Fryer Filter Systems

In 2001 VITO as a company was born with the simple idea of filtering the oil right where it is, in the fryer. This one idea along with perfecting the abilty to do so in a hot fryer has revolutionized oil care around the world. 


Another global first, building a smart filter system that allows the user to monitor filtrations from anywhere in the world. One location or a thousand operators can ensure VITO is working to save them money in every kitchen. 

German Made

Experience a level of fit, finish, and performance with VITO that stands out in the market. The ‘Made in Germany’ tradition carries a rich history of excellence, and we’re dedicated to building upon this legacy with every product we manufacture.