The VITO VM is suited for fryers up to 35 lbs (18 litres) with foods generating leftover sediment on the lighter side. Fine dining or fries only are good examples of this. Like every VITO oil filter system the VITO VM provides a microfiltration up to 200 µin. No chemicals are needed, which preserves the optimal taste of the fried dishes and the VM now features our game changing Wi-Fi CONNECT usage reporting.


  •     Increases the lifetime of your oil, cut your oil cost by up to 50%
  •     Improves taste and quality of fried goods, customers notice
  •     Saves time and labor around the fryer with less oil changes
  •     Wi-Fi CONNECT Reporting feature built right in



Normal usage Ideal for catering industry and bakeries or high frying volume
Filtration power up to 30 l/min
66 lbs/min
Filtration efficiency up to 5 µm / 200µin
Pumping capacity up to 35 l/min
77 lbs/min
Tank Volume 75 l / 137lbs
Particle uptake 10,7 kg / 23.6lbs
Weight 55,8 kg / 123 lbs
Temperature max. 200°C / 392°F
Material Stainless steel 1.4301




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