Euro-Toques and VITO AG welcome a new member

The VITO AG had a special honor at the Internorga: Joined by members of the well-respected Euro-Toques federation of chefs, VITO CEO Andreas Schmidt, presented the new member Carsten Wulf his membership certificate. Wulf is the head chef at the “Gast- und Krankenhaus” hospital in Hamburg, Germany. He also follows the Euro-Toques code of honor for a long time like all members of Euro-Toques. The certified nutritionist really is happy to be nominated and looks forward to work closer together with the other members.
“It was a great privilege to be the host of this Euro-Toques ceremony and it shows us, how much the quality of VITO is appreciated by chefs all around the world.” so Andreas Schmidt, “We are thankful and are looking forward for the next joint projects.”

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