Let’s keep the yellow shoes busy

“Let’s keep the yellow shoes busy” was our motto for March and early April. Our teams exhibited at 4 national food shows the last couple of weeks and presented the VITO oil filter system to more than 33,000 attendees, in 3 different time zones.

Our first stop: The IRFS – International Restaurant & Food Show in New York New York state with its many Restaurants from casual dining to fast food over to fine dining locations is the perfect spot to hold an event for the F&B society in the region. Since our Company has it’s roots in the the NY area, the Show is for us a must. Every year our team is looking forward to this event with more than 16 thousand inquisitive restaurant operators and owners. Many of our existing customers stopped by and we really enjoyed getting all the great feedback. Since fried food is an important part of the menus of the restaurants in this region, the VITO product line caught great interest.
Our second stop: The Midwest Foodservice Expo in Milwaukee Not far from our US Headquarters we had the pleasure to attend one of Wisconsins most important food shows. We found great joy to teach the many culinary students about the impact of cooking oil filtration and proper recording after HACCP standards. Like the motto: The students of today will be the culinary leaders of tomorrow.
Our third stop: The International Pizza Expo in Las Vegas From traditional over to fancy creations – at the Pizza Expo you found all sorts and flavors of Pizza. But not only the freshly baked Italian style flat bread is a bestseller in Pizza restaurants anymore. Fried products become more and more popular in the scene. Therefore our VITO team was present to introduce the VITO oil filter system and oiltester for the second time – The perfect frying oil management for every kitchen with a sense for quality and future orientated thinking.
Our fourth and last stop: The Tavern League of Wisconsin With over 5000 members the Tavern League of Wisconsin is the largest association of Taverns and Pubs operators in Wisconsin. We joined this gathering for the first time and were impressed by the hospitable and open minded audience. Everyone agreed: Fried dishes are the best seller of comfort food in their restaurants, especially since one of the fried appetizers are famous for Wisconsin: Golden fried cheese curds. Due to the menus the VITO products found great interest.

We would like to thank all attendees for stopping by at our black&yellow booths. We appreciate the great feedback and loyalty of hundreds of satisfied customers who stopped by to say hello and of course a special thanks to all new VITO family members who joined the club for a better future in the aspect of their frying oil management!

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