Small changes for a big impact – the innovative VITO 80 oil filter system comes to the NRA

“Saving frying oil with VITO is easy, safe and reliable. It doesn‘t matter if big business or small diner. The NRA will be a great stage to show everybody how big you will save pure cash! That‘s a  no-brainer!”

VITO oil filter systems is the market leader in portable oil filtration. The concept is simple: put VITO in the hot fryer, turn it on – that’s it!
VITO automatically filters the oil with no supervision needed. After 6 minutes the oil is clean and ready to use again.
This saves the customer up to 50% of his frying oil, improves the taste and quality and even reduces the workload in the kitchen.

Now VITO Fryfilter will present the whole variety of the VITO product family at the NRA:
Portable & mobile filtration but also oil quality measurement with the VITO oiltester & FOM 330.
A special focus lies on showing the benefits of the new VITO 80 3rd generation – the new flagship of the VITO family. The machine has been improved and now takes up to 5.5 lbs of particles.
The new twin metal filters and the reinforced double rotor increase its performance and further boost the overall efficiency of the market leader.
Also a touch panel was added to give the user the most convenient experience. These improvements make the VITO 80 the best portable oil filtration machine available today.
Big fast food chains use VITO on top of their built-in filtration because of its great performance. Also small diners are thankful customers saving money with this state of the art filtration machine!

Another highlight will be the Food Oil Monitor (FOM 330). The latest member of the VITO-Family measures the quality & temperature of the oil and gives quick & reliable results. To do so, it features an easy traffic light system, which helps the customers to change their oil at the right time – never too soon, never too late.

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