NRA 2017 – Big success with new & innovative VITOs

The National Restaurant Association Show (NRA) is the largest and also the most important exhibition in the USA for the food and hospitality industry.

This year the VITO product line was presented by our international team consisting of partners from Mexico, Canada and from the German HQ. Together we had the chance to welcome more than 45.000 visitors from all across the country and in some cases, from all around the world. During the 4 days we had a great time as the interest in the VITO products is at an all-time high. More and more people see how important frying oil management is and how much money you can save. We also met satisfied customers and a lot of interested visitors stopped at our booth to see the new members of the VITO product line: the FOM 330 frying oil tester, the VITO XM and the new VITO 80 – the world’s best in-tank filtration system.

We would like to thank partner Rafael Salazar from VITO Mexico, Jason Sawitzky, our partner from VITO Canada, Key Account Manager Sina Maier, CEO Andreas Schmidt and the many internal VITO team members for the support we received for this trade show. But most important: We welcome all our new customers from the show to our VITO family! The NRA was a great success and we are looking forward to next year.

The NRA 2018, we’ll be there!

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